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How Does Lee Line Deliver?

Quite simply, Lee Line highly prioritizes passive and referred candidates, greatly increasing the quality of your organization’s Engineering recruitment.

Through our experience, robust network, and our thumb on the pulse of the Engineering Market, we give you access to the top 10% of the talent pool. We don't post jobs, we don't wait around to see who is interested in your role, as your team can already do that.  We actively go after the specific kind of team member you are looking for and truly headhunt.

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Our Proven System



  • Our Talent Pool

    Our recruiting time is alloted to 90% passive rockstar talent, and generally place candidates we’ve known for months, even years … waiting for the right position.

  • Our Familiarity with the Engineering Market

    We literally corner the market, and we know the best passive options, ultimately submitting the top 10% of engineering talent.

  • Our Referral System

    We have a robust referral system: ‘A-players know A-players.’

  • Our Attention to Your Brand

    We are actively going after candidates that fit your culture, size, and work style. We take pride in putting teams together that stick and make amazing things happen.

  • Our Desire to Make Your Business Succeed

    By dedicating our efforts to hiring the top 10%, your internal bar will rise, your products will increase in value, and your market reception will improve.


Time is our most valuable asset, and we choose wisely who we decide to represent; we highly value delivery, and simply won’t opt into a contract if we’re not confident we can deliver.
I've first-hand witnessed Lee Line come in and build one of LA's best tech teams from the ground up; they deeply understand talent and use extremely creatives measures to regularly bring the best folks to the table. CLARK LANDRY, SERIAL ENTREPRENEUR/INVESTOR
Lee Line has all the right connections to find high quality talent quickly and easily. On multiple occasions they have sourced candidates for my teams at all levels and in multiple disciplines. They consistently present applicants that have been thoroughly vetted and are prepared to efficiently interview and hire. ERIK VANBEEK (CLIENT)

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